Senthos Kontos

Race: Elf
Age: 18
Senthos Kontos is a young Elf, born in the peaceful town of Iremia. Senthos studied magic most of his life to become more knowledgeable about it. He used to live with his parents, Atreus and Kalliste, before moving to the town of Alshet, to further hone his studies and skills. Senthos is a kind and friendly Elf, often greeting everyone with a smile. He can be socially awkward at times, but means well and has a good heart. However, he often has deep concern for those important to him because of past events that ended up with something or someone hurting those he cares for the most. Senthos was hesistant to leave Iremia at first, however, his parents told him to stand on his own and that they had faith in him. They gave Senthos an orange scarf made from rare, soft material, as a token of their love and to have something to remember them by while he was away. Now, Senthos continues his studies in Alshet, while reflecting back on the fond memories of Iremia and his parents. Also, Senthos enjoys using his Bow and Arrows for relaxation, concentration practices, and self defense. 

HP: 1211
TP: 207
Strength: 30        
Dexterity: 14
Defense: 24
Agility: 12
Magic: 15

Level: 11
Class Level: 6
Class: Archer STR +2
Sub Class:
Mage (9)
Class EXP: 531

Piercing Line (5 TP)
Azure Impact (5TP)
‣ Bouquet (9 TP) Spell

Fireball (5 TP) Spell
Aqua Cage (5 TP) Spell
Stone Blast (9 TP) Spell 
Photon (13 TP) Spell
Zephyr Blade (13 TP) Arte

Weapon: Artemis Bow STR +15
Shield: Poison Arrows
Hand: Bracers +5 DEF
Body: Magus Robe +15 DEF
Accessory1: Green Charm
Life Bottle x2
‣ Apple Gel x1
‣ Orange Gel x5
‣ Panacea Bottle x1
Gald: 3312