Kaz Singer

Race: Elf
Age: 27
A faithful and lawful elf reigning from the village of Wystada. Kaz trained to become the town's go-to healer, and does his best to uphold his reputation. He follows the "Code of Magicians" very closely, using his magic responsibly and with good intent. Kaz travels now and then in order to act as healer for other nearby towns and has gathered much knowledge about other races. He is open minded and sees everyone and everything for who and what they are, but disregards racial separation, believing that all is equal and all deserve the healing he provides.

A small familiar follows him around. Cyano is a mysterious but harmless creature forged of magic when Kaz started training. He is named Cyano for the color of his fur flares. Cyano's natural magic and large ears allow him to sense danger and treasure, and while he cannot communicate through words, Cyano glows when something is nearby. Like his master, he is very faithful.

HP: 1341
TP: 237
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 6
Defense: 23
Agility: 15
Magic: 40

Level: 11
Class Level: 13
Class: Healer -3 STR +4 MAG
Class EXP: 1260

‣ First Aid (5 TP) Spell → Meditation (Water)
‣ Invoke Element (5 TP) Spell → Summon Element (Any)
‣ Sharpness (9 TP) Spell
‣ Barrier (13 TP) Spell
‣ Light Arrow (13 TP) Spell 8
‣ Healing Circle (20 TP) Spell

Weapon: Cure Staff +4 STR +17 MAG (Special: +2 HP every turn)
Shield: Opal Shield +7 DEF
Hand: Genji Armlets +7 DEF
Head: Headband +9 DEF
Body: Mistle Robe +17 DEF
Accessory1: Fairy Ring +2 MAG
Accessory2: Fairy Ring +2 MAG
‣ Life Bottle
‣ Apple Gel x2
‣ Orange Gel x4
‣ Panacea Bottle 
‣ Mysterious Picture
Gald: 3210